¡NO PASARAN! – review [Eng.]

« No Pasaran » by Le Rythme des Fourmis.
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For many seasons and years these columns of percussionist-ants and their metal drums are reported in the kingdom’s festivals and beyond, mainly during spring and summer. In autumn you can meet them in the hipest events or at some protest and solidarity actions … (They are red ants indeed!)

And just before hibernating, the nest self-produced its first pheromone burned on CD! A full album, 17 rhythms, to be precise, in order to warm up the winter till next spring. The album offers both the original and the pure metal versions of the rhythms and various remixes. The ants proudly assume their « industrial rock » roots by opening with a very explicit « No Pasaran! » remixed à la eighties. Note also the excellent « Sabaru’« , a typical ant  adaptation from another traditional rhythm remixed into electro metal drums sounds or « Iron Horse« , a tribute to the French « Les Tambours du Bronx » band. But it is while listening to songs like « 7 » and especially « Don’t Break .. » that one can measure the dexterity of this band composed by some of the best drummers of the kingdom as Didier Fontaine, Fabrice Collet (also Mridamgam), Marc Van Eyck or the congeros David Graff and Don Olivero, etc.

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